The Warbird Coffee Company has a clear objective. That is, to give back to those who work so hard preserving our aviation heritage from World War Two. These aircraft are unique reminders of a time when young men and women would place themselves at the mercy of the enemy and all too often made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom.
The Warbird Coffee Company acknowledges the countless hours that go into maintaining the aircraft in an airworthy condition and we do this through partnerships with the owners and operators. Every time a partnered product is purchased from The Warbird Coffee Company, you will be directly contributing to that aircrafts upkeep and running costs, or helping fund the restoration of it. In doing so it is hoped we can all continue to enjoy these magnificent Warbirds for generations to come.



The aircraft we're striving to support



The restoration of the C-47A Skytrain, known as Night Fright, is a unique and exciting project to bring back to flight an aircraft with a distinctive history. As part of the 436th Troop Carrier Group flying from RAF Membury in England, the aircraft was involved in dropping Paratroopers or towing Gliders in the final four major Airborne Operations of WWII.

When restored, this aircraft will be based at its former wartime airfield of Membury in Great Britain, perhaps the only flightworthy warbird to do so.

For more information, head to the Night Fright website.


B-25J Sandbar Mitchell

On June 27, 1969, North American B-25J, Serial Number 44-30733, made an emergency landing on a sandbar in the middle of the Tanana River outside Fairbanks, Alaska.

After being abandoned forty-four years, the Warbirds of Glory Museum successfully recovered the aircraft on July 5, 2013.

Skilled volunteers, including the museums Kittyhawk Academy program students, all led by aircraft restorer Patrick Mihalek, will undertake the restoration of the B-25 to airworthy status. The restoration is currently underway at the museums restoration shop in Brighton, Michigan.

Sandbar Mitchell will be restored to flying condition to honor the ship and crew of 43-27537 “8Z” of the 340th Bomb Group, 488th Bombardment Squadron that was lost on a mission over Italy in March, 1945.

For more information, head to B25 Sandbar Mitchell